Heres what we mean when we say :

Minimalist Skincare

At SkinFood Apothecary, we use the simplest possible blends of impeccably sourced, whole ingredients to create products that truly work. Why? Fewer ingredients = less chance for irritation, higher potency, and a smaller overall ecological impact.

Ethically Sourced

All of SkinFood Apothecary ingredients are either certified organic, Fair Trade, or sourced from small farms. We’re committed to creating the most effective products in the most responsible way, taking all of our ethical obligations into account.

Truly All-Natural Sustainable Skincare

We make our products from scratch using only whole, high-potency ingredients. For us, less isn’t just more; less is everything. We’ve found that if we stick with only absolutely essential ingredients and don’t add a bunch of extra stuff, we don’t need to put a hundred things into our products. Using fewer ingredients means more potent skincare. We don’t water it down with cheap synthetics or exotic fillers. It also means that our products are more likely to be safe even on the most sensitive skin.

SkinFood are healthy, clean, powerful products with absolutely ZERO chemicals, parabens, petrochemicals, dairy, gluten, soy and ingredients you can’t pronounce. We believe that shorter shelf life is a GOOD thing.  And if you love our products as much as we think you will, you will use them way faster than any expiration date.

Most skin care products on the market are designed to have a shelf life of 2-5 years. Excessive heating, stabilizers and aggressive chemical preservatives are required to achieve this length of shelf-life. The negative impact on the product is that most of the beneficial nutrients you are paying for are destroyed and little therapeutic benefit is ever experienced. The result is what the SkinFood founders call “canned food” skin care. It is much more beneficial to get your nutrients fresh from a juice bar then from a can.  Using SkinFood Apothecary fresh products is like getting your skin and hair care straight from a juice bar.

We believe that all natural products offer the best skincare possible. As opposed to mainstream products that rely on complicated formulations of synthetic ingredients to be effective, we’ve designed our products to solely depend on the innate healing properties of timeworn ingredients, such as honey, distilled flower waters and essential oils. Our current line of products is just the beginning. We absolutely love what we do and are constantly experimenting with new ingredients and perfecting recipes so that we can find more ways to support your toxin free skincare regime. It’s our hope that the precious nectars you’ll find here will likewise nourish you into winged resplendence!

We craft our products with the following three principles in mind:


  • Raw, plant-based ingredients
  • Most products are 99% organic (we’re working on the rest!)


  • Simple, uncomplicated formulations
  • Ingredient lists you can understand
  • Subtle, authentic scents


  • Small-batch quality and freshness
  • Thoughtfully assembled