The Face Cream

The Face Cream

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A  lightweight premium anti ageing face cream. Loaded with actives and botanical nourishment for promoting healthy radiant skin. Nurturing velvety feel that also contains DMAE ,MSM  &ALPHA LIPOIC ACID.

DMAE* A highly potent all natural skin tightener, causes muscles to contract and tighten under the skin.

MSM* Helps even out skin tone, diminish hyperpigmentation and age spots. It helps soften skin by penetrating deep within the layers of the skin.

ALPHA LIPOIC* 400 times stronger than Vitamin E and C combined it is a powerful anti oxidant, anti ageing. Helps shrink pore size for even smooth skin tone.

To Use:  Apply as a day cream after cleansing. Can be used over Serum.

7 reviews for The Face Cream

  1. Isabella

    Used to order organic creams from the UK because I could not find quality products in South Africa. That all changed with Skinfood, It is amongst the best I have ever used. This day cream is perfect for me.

  2. Tas

    I am very beauty conscious and I like to try products I think will slow down the aging process and the formation of wrinkles.I have lost count of the amount of products I have tried, BUT this is one of the products that actually works for me and I use it daily.

  3. Serina

    Absolutely love the skincare from Skinfood. I’ve been using it for over a year now and I’ve had so many people comment on how good my skin looks. I’m 45 and it had started to look tired, grey and old, but literally within a few weeks of using Skinfood it was brighter, tighter and smoother

  4. Yasmeen

    Love it makes my skin feel soft and I can tell it’s working on my face and neck. Been using it since last year.

  5. Mumtaz

    This is wonderful face cream. It is really a fantastic product I recently switched to organic and this was the best decision ever!

  6. Rose

    You have no idea how hard it is finding 100% NATURAL anything nowadays. It literally took me days to come across this amazing product.The texture is super nice. Almost like whip cream. Seems thick but instantly hydrates your skin. Does not leave your skin heavy or anything like that.

  7. Shireen

    I love this face cream. My husband and I both use it. My husband has suffered from acne since his teen age years and still has occasional flair ups. He is sooo particular about his face products, but loves this one and will now only use this face cream. I also have oily-dry combination skin and this cream keeps my skin feeling soft and moisturized without getting shiny. The scents are great too and I love that it’s all natural and organic too!

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