Spot Treatment

Spot Treatment


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A concentrated formulation specifically targeting pimples, both cystic and whiteheads. Formulated with willow bark and other quick drying natural ingredients to help shrink blemishes overnight. Dries up the pimples shedding the first layer of skin pulling the pimple to the surface.

Kills bacteria, reducing redness and inflammation.


To Use: Apply to clean skin, directly blemishes and spots at night, or 2-3times a day or as needed.

4 reviews for Spot Treatment

  1. Shakira

    Cant do without this. As soon as a breakout appears I apply this and by morning the pimple is completely reduced. Shakira

  2. Judy

    My skin has never been healthier since using Skinfood., occasionally I get a pimple due to stress or hormones and I apply this amazing treatment. By the next the pimple is completely dried out.

  3. Amira

    Trust me…This is da bomb.

  4. Varushka

    In the past 4 months my skin went from smooth and occasional breakouts to full face of painful cystic acne. ): But now I have most of the acne cleared up thanks to oil cleansing, Acne Cream and Purify and Balance, but I still have a couple of cyctic spots along my jawline due to hormones. I wanted something natural to help with that. I use purchased Spot treatment it feels cool and fresh when you put it on. I put it on at night and in the morning I had two spots that had completely dried up and another 3 that were have the size they were previously. I love this stuff . Thank you so much!

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