Refining Serum

Refining Serum


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Refining serum helps with the appearance of acne, scarring, breakouts, large pores, redness and blackheads. A treatment serum that helps clear the pores from build-up, future breakouts and reduces redness. It is an oil free fast absorbing serum made specifically to refine the complexion while delivering nutrients and emollients to the skin.

To Use: Dispense 3-4 drops onto fingertips then smooth over cleansed skin allowing a few seconds to absorb.            Follow with suitable moisturizer.

11 reviews for Refining Serum

  1. Annabe

    Also one of my favourites that I use under my moisturizer. Cant do without it.

  2. Samira

    Another wonderful serum. My skin has never looked better

  3. Angie

    This is my daily serum, reduces pore size making my skin super smooth.

  4. Nafeesa

    This is really good. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and I have noticed a difference with my wrinkles round my eyes. They appear much softer and people have commented on my face looking much brighter. A little goes a long way

  5. Jenelle

    Absolutely love this serum. I use it just befor my moisturizer everyday. Great quality.

  6. Hajira

    I have to share my thoughts on this amazing product. I’ve been suffering from terrible breakouts on the sides of my face. My face was bumpy, the dark spots were terrible, and it made me feel very inseruce. I’ve tried every product and have even changed my diet, started taking more vitamins etc but nothing really seemed to be a permanent solution and the breakouts would not stop. This serum popped up in my search and thought I’d give it a try and I’m so glad I did!! Within a month, my skin stopped breaking out completely and is smooth as ever. I still have the dark marks which will fade in time, but I’ve finally found a product that really works!! Ive bought this twice already and I use it once a day or every other day before bed. Not to be dramatic but it really has given me my confidence back and I highly recommend this serum.

  7. Fatima

    My 12 year old twins started to get acne. I tried many different products but their skin became dry, peeling and red. It was too harsh. I decided to try this anti-acne serum, as it got good reviews and I have used products from this brand before. It has worked so well; I am amazed!

  8. Jessica

    I am obsessed with this serum. I don’t know what it is- it smells so good and I love putting it on, the way it makes my skin instantly feel soothed. I love how it soothes redness on my face. I use it everyday under my makeup. It is one of my fave Skinfood products. Love!!

  9. Jess

    This is a really nice product which actually works as it helped to calm my very inflamed skin. The consistency is not too thin or thick and it sinks into the skin really well.

  10. Denise

    Worked well on my sensitive skin. I am seeing a good difference. Will be buying it again.

  11. Theresa

    Huge improvement in skin tone and texture. So far its working for me.

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