This gentle yet high-impact formula balances the skin as it combats acne-causing impurities and bacteria. This elixir is formulated to help decongest and purify the skin, minimize fine lines, reduce large pores and encourage cellular function. With regular use you will find your skin becomes balanced & pores are refined. You will be left  with radiant & healthy looking skin. As a pure plant essence it absorbs quickly, penetrates deeply and balances sebum production. The oils in the blend allow the skin to breathe while dissolving the toxins and hardened sebum that causes acne. Hazlenut oil dissolves pore clogging oil whilst hydrating, and providing essential vitamins. Highly detoxifying and anti-seborrheic, kalahari melon seed oil provide an array of vitamins and essential fatty acids and is of the best oils for balancing oily skin. Hemp seed oil detoxifies the skin, evens out skin tone, and soothes inflammation. The chemical composition of hemp seed oil is nearly identical to the skin’s own lipid structure, allowing it to penetrate deeply without clogging pores. The precious blue oils, including blue german chamomile and blue yarrow contain a component called azulene which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that aids in reducing redness and clarifying the complexion. Organic clary sage essential oil balances skin, regulates oil production and helps with hormonal acne.

suitable for: normal to oily skin but is most effective for skin that is characterized as acne or blemished.
the ritual: After cleansing and toning, massage 2-3 drops between your palms, and gently pat your face, in firm circular motion all over you face, neck and décolletage. This may be used on its own or under your cream or balm. To be used preferably at night the when your skin is resting and has time to repair itself.
*Combination and oily skin types worry that face oils will just make their skin even greasier – but this isn’t necessarily true. As long as you use the right oils, these treatments can actually balance your skin and return it to a more “normal” state.