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Pearl Cream


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Pearl Cream
Natural night cream uses safe, plant-based ingredients to help reduce the appearance of liver-spots, extremely stubborn age spots on both face and hands and uneven pigmentation areas while keeping your skin soft and supple with natural emollients, moisturizers and skin-nourishing vitamins. Formulated to moisturize and help even skin tone, diminish age spots and uneven skin over time, containing 3 active ingredients Pure Pearl powder, Mulberry Root extract and Alpha Arbutin.
It penetrates the skin faster and deeper, producing rapid, more pronounced results, quickly and effectively reducing pigmentation whilst clarifiying the skin.
Contains no harmful ingredients.
• porcelain–like complexion
• soothes and balances the skin
• moisturizes
• nourishes and refreshes
• removes excess pigmentation
• protects the skin against free radicals
the ritual: A little goes a long way use sparely on a Clean washed face at night. Gently smooth over face and neck. Exfoliate dry skin at least once to twice a week depending on your skin type. Should be used for at least 3 months straight for best results.

15 reviews for Pearl Cream

  1. waunita

    I have super sensitive skin, so I scar very easily. With the pearl cream the difference is noticeable. it doesn’t irritate my skin or make me break out. I highly recommend this, as well as the other products on this site. Skin food is my life line.

  2. Shakira

    Love the texture. I apply at night as intended and have had amazing results. Helped clear all my dark marks. My clear favorite in the range.

  3. Shazia

    Never seen results before using other products. This has help my pigmentation and it keeps on improving. Thank you for your wonderful products.

  4. Tasfiyah

    Using this for 2 months and the results speak for itself. Thank you for your incredible range.

  5. Kereshni

    This has completely cleared my Acne scars. Can not believe the results.

  6. Gia

    Tried everything to get rid of my Melasma marks, this is the only cream that has helped.

  7. Rose

    Definitely see my scar lighting up. Great product! Face getting brighter.

  8. Halima

    I wanted to give a review after I had a chance to use this product. All I can say is this is a total miracle worker! I have a lot of redness and older acne scars on my face and within a week I’m already seeing results! This is something that’s plagued me for most of my adult life, and now I don’t have to cake on layers of makeup just to have my skin look even. I am definitely 100% a convert and will be a repeat buyer

  9. Waheda

    The best night cream ever!!!

  10. Sharmila

    Its been 2 weeks using this and I can already see my pigmentation starting to improve. Impressed

  11. Noeleen

    Was staying at a friends place for a while and she is using Skinfood. I tried this for my pigmentation and was amazed at the difference it was making after 4 days. I contacted Fathima and she was ever so helpful and gave me good advice. I’m glad that I am switching to Organic.

  12. Trisha

    Definitely seen a huge improvement. Very happy so far.

  13. Aadila

    Trust me , this cream is Amazing!!!

  14. Sarah

    My cousin convinced me to try this when I was staying with her for a few days. I was amazed the difference it made. Just purchased one for myself now.. Impressed!!

  15. Trisha

    Been using this for 8 months. Definitely works!!

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