A delicate toner to help balance, calm and revive the complexion. This powerful tonique is so much more than just a toner. Our herbal infused facial toner is filled with wonderful highly-hydrating flower waters, and therapeutic herbs. This toner not only hydrates, heals and nourishes skin cells, but also helps to balance skin pH naturally with organic raw coconut vinegar. It was slowly infused with diverse plants that assist in rejuvenation and reduction of inflammation. Unlike normal toners, this unique formulation works to clear off dead skin cells that intensify fine dry lines and blocked pores, while using its antimicrobial properties to clear away those pesky blemishes and keep them at bay. With added pure rose hydrolat, chamomile, aloe vera extract, gotu kola, willow bark extract, and essential oils.

suitable for: all Skin Types

the ritual: shake well. Apply on face and neck on a cotton pad after cleansing or shower. Gently massage into skin using upward motion. Use twice daily for best results.

100 ml