Acne Cream

Acne Cream

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This lightweight treatment cream helps diminish acne symptoms and restore a healthy looking complexion while delivering hydration and antioxidants, resulting in completely clear, perfectly balanced skin. Soothing for acne breakouts and congested skin, helps control oil and keep pores clean, keeping skin supple and soft. Strong enough to visibly diminish acne blemishes but gentle enough for daily use. The naturally antibacterial formula immediately begins to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, while organic botanicals keep skin clear of new acne blemishes with less potential for irritation. White willow bark penetrates deep into pores to decongest, clear blackheads, and prevent future eruptions from forming. MSM builds and maintains permeable collagen cell walls, allowing nutrients to penetrate, reduces scar tissue. Aloe vera encourages cell renewal, binds moisture to the skin, and is cooling, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal, containing a rich source of amino acids, vitamins A, C, F & B. With a proprietary blend of essential oils combined for their deep-cleansing, balancing, and refining properties clarifies, heals, and revitalizes. Leaves skin matte. With added zinc oxide.

suitable for: normal, combination, oily, acne prone, overactive, and problematic skin.

the ritual: apply a small amount onto washed and toned face. Massage until moisturizer is absorbed.


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33 reviews for Acne Cream

  1. Annabe

    I was introduced to Skinfood by one one of my friends and this is just amazing. My skin never looked or felt better.

  2. Waheda

    Both my 10yr and 12 yr old is using this. Their skin is looking clear and they are loving it. It even improved their skin tone.

  3. Casandra

    I’m using this with Face Wash and Purify and balance. This has cleared my Acne completely,. I am just amazed.

  4. Zaheera

    Skinfood had been my lifesaver. Was worried about Acne before my wedding, this has worked wonders.

  5. Rubina

    I cant do without this. I am finally Acne free. thank you Skinfood

  6. Zakia

    Tried almost everything out there for my Acne. After 2 weeks there was not much difference and Fathima advised that I continue as my Skin needed to detox. After 6 weeks my Skin had finally cleared.

  7. Jessica

    Love the scent. I had some deep rooted black heads that are now coming out, it did take a few weeks but I don’t wake up with any new blemishes. At all. I will definitely say that it does cut down on redness and inflammation as well so that’s a plus!

  8. Yasmeen

    I have for a while been getting these unpleasant bumps on my chin that are not susceptible to benzoil peroxide or salicylic acid on their own,and tea tree is too drying. This is actually working and I am so incredibly grateful.

  9. Femida

    My son has overly oily skin with a lot of breakouts. This cream has helped with the oilyness and his breakouts have reduced drastically. Excellent cream. After seeing the results I too stating using these amazing products in the range.

  10. Naseema

    LOVE this stuff!!! This is my FOURTH order and I’m seriously obsessed. I’m prescribed retin-a and clindmyacin for my severe cystic acne. Both prescription acne products have been collecting dust since Im using AcneCream , Face Wash and Purify and Balance. I did not see results in the first month but I was advised to continue until all the toxins were purged from my skin. Glad I listened to Fathima and now my skin is finally clear. Thank yo so much Fathima!!!

  11. Joanne

    Absolutely love it it’s so good definitely recommend!!

  12. Tasneem

    This together with the Face Wash and Purify and Balance has cleared my Acne. After many years of trying to find a solution I finally found products that work.

  13. Romana

    Been using this for one month now and the results are incredible. I use purify and balance under this as suggested by skin Guru Fathima. Thank you Skinfood.

  14. Lia

    This a great product for the price. After using it for about 4 days, the cystic acne on my chin and the red bumps on the side of my face slowly went away. The acne spot treatment doesn’t clear your skin troubles away instantly but it does speed up the maturation process of the pimple.

  15. Liam

    This stuff works wonders!! I have been searching for a cruelty free vegan acne cream and I finally found it.

  16. Erica

    Have been using this for just under a week, so far so good. A little goes a long way. It’s good to know that what I’m putting on my face isn’t full of crap. Looking forward to trying other products.

  17. Sarah

    okay so first of all: this smells divine. i got lemon scent. yum. second of all: i have EXTREMELY acne prone skin. i’ve literally been trying to calm it down with no progress for 8 years straight. and guess what. this stuff WORKED. I use the Purify and Balance under this as advised.

  18. Mariam

    My son has always had oily skin and he is loving this cream.

  19. Aadila

    I love the lemony scent. I am using this in conjunction with the serum and Face Wash and my skin has never looked better.

  20. Farhana

    I bought this for my daughter as she suffers from chronic acne, after just a few days of using it we noticed a big difference with her skin. Her acne hasnt completely cleared just yet but her skin is clearer and healthier then it has been in years. We would recommend this cream to anyone suffering from acne

  21. Leanna

    My daughter swears by this cream. She’s really into skincare & cant live without this

  22. Joel

    This product has improved my complexion massively, my skin looks so much better than it did.My acne has been disappearing slowly. I can see the results only after a few weeks.

  23. Deb

    This cream is clearing my acne, reducing my fine lines and balancing the oil in my skin. I used to use different products for acne, fine lines, day cream, night cream etc but now I just use this day and night.

  24. Lisa

    So glad I came across the Skincare Range. Definitely Works!!!

  25. Yumnah


  26. Jess

    My absolute favourite. Black Friday came just in time.

  27. Tania

    This has balanced my oily skin and reduced my breakouts.

  28. Pauline

    Amazing !!

  29. Munira

    Cleared my Acne. Used it with Purify and Balance. Really Impessed!!!

  30. Tasneem

    Fantastic products, my son uses this and it has completely cleared hid acne.

  31. Melanie

    Use the whole range and the results are amazing!!

  32. Anita

    My daughters love this. Huge improvement in their skin. Love!!!

  33. Missy

    Using this range for over 3 years . The best by far!!

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