“Let the beauty you love be what you do” -Rumi.

Everyone has a story… a story that brought them to where they are today. This is my story….

I am a passionate person. I am touched by the little things in life and astounded by the beauty of grandeur.  I create from the soul and give from the heart.  It is from deep inside that my creations come forth. In my search for truly natural skin care, I wanted only the finest, purest ingredients to put onto my skin and that of others. I wanted ingredients that would nourish, hydrate, restore and repair our skin where possible, providing the highest benefits possible.

 SkinFood was born out of a need / desire to use natural facial care products that were botanically rich, gentle yet effective and free of artificial preservatives, colorants, scents and parabens. In symphony with this is the ethos and philosophy of mindfulness. I wanted all the products, even supposedly mundane ones like moisturizers and facial cleansers to be prompts for a moment of mindfulness – a conscious awareness of the present moment, which provides a wonderfully enchanting and completely restorative state for the mind and soul. Inspired by nature and intentionally made, SkinFood reflects all that which is unique yet down-to-earth, simple yet meaningful and natural yet elegant and attentive.
I have long been interested in natural skin care. My passion has always been researching and experimenting with anything and everything related to beauty. I enjoyed playing with beauty products even as a little girl. I like experimenting with new beauty products and gadgets and exploring new noninvasive treatments. Pampering myself with beauty products and regimes helps me feel good about myself throughout life’s rough patches. It’s something that has always lifted me up and comforted me, despite any chaos happening around me. Once I started to learn about skin and how many artificial ingredients are used in most products people use everyday, I was shocked!

No wonder people are becoming more allergic to everyday things. I began a more natural approach to skincare, studying the specific benefits of herbs, oils and flowers, mixing organic and cold pressed oils, into pure natural blends. The visible effect was stunning and so immediate, and left my hair strong and healthy looking, and my skin smooth and radiant. My desire to create a healthy and natural product that can help replenish the skin came secondary to learning about the significant healing properties of essential oils. My true passion is to provide custom blended products or remedies to those in need, in order to assist in healing their concerns, whether it be dry skin, eczema, infections, etc.

Having tried almost every brand out there, almost every cleanser, serum, mask etc… I have gained the expertise knowledge as to what really works and what doesn’t. I have taken the cream of the crop ingredients from all skincare brands that were my HG and formulated with just the rare top notch ingredients. Having studied essential oils and holistic skincare for a awhile as a hobby…I have now turned my passion in to a lucrative business. What makes SkinFood different…. Since its my passion, I enjoy formulating, working with different blends and perfecting each and every product I create to the extreme until it’s ultra niche and luxurious. I was so inspired by compliments of my friends & family with the orders to follow and by the way my skin felt after using products I had created for myself… And from this… SkinFood Apothecary was born. Everything is handmade in small batches to insure freshness and quality. Each of my products is carefully formulated and packed with natural benefits. They are sure to enhance your natural beauty. Hope you will enjoy our products as much as we do.

“All progress occurs, because some people dare to be different” …..