Using pure plant oils as a way of treating skin is something that has become very popular in recent times. Whether a plant oil is used as a treatment serum or as an ingredient in a moisturiser, most people who use them love the amazing skin benefits they bring.

The Oil Cleansing Method is a traditional way of cleansing skin and one that is used by many facialists during treatments to give a deep cleanse, without drying skin out. This is important as cleansers that are drying cause the skin to overcompensate by producting more oil.

It works for all types, including oily, congested, dry and flaky skin.

The concept behind this is that oil (not water) dissolves oil, so by massaging your face with the right plant oils and then using a compress to gently steam the face, it allows dirt trapped in pores to be released, which helps to avoid breakouts and spots.

It’s a brilliant method for daily cleansing or for times when you need to remove heavy makeup or for giving your skin a beautiful deep cleanse once or twice a week.

There are a number of different plant oils that work extremely well and most importantly a small percentage of Castor Oil should also be added.  As well as having anti-inflammatory properties, Castor Oil also works as a ‘drawing oil’, helping to remove trapped dirt and impurities from pores.

The Oil Cleansing Method

The correct method is important because it is a different way of cleansing skin. It does take a minute or two but the benefits are usually instant – resulting in fresh, clean, soft, dewy skin. It also has a relaxing effect and is a great ritual to get into last thing at night. By doing this you’ll wake up with super soft skin and won’t need to re-cleanse skin in the morning. 

  • Start by pouring a small amount of cleansing oil into your palms and rub together to warm the oil before applying. 
  •  Starting at the neck, apply in an upwards motion over the face up to the hairline
  • Using slow, but fairly firm movements, massage the oil into the face, paying particular attention to any areas that are congested and spending a little more time on them. Do this for at least a minute.
  • Take a clean washcloth or muslin cloth and immerse in warm/hot water and squeeze out.
  • Hold the cloth over the face for about 15 seconds. This is a way of gently steaming that helps to release trapped dirt. Wipe gently, rinse and repeat, finishing with a cool compress.
  • You can then finish with a light serum or moisturiser or facial oil. If you have oily skin – you may find this is all you need to both cleanse and moisturise skin.

This is a method I use in all my facial treatments for all skin types and one that I’ve perfected in over 20 yrs of treatments.

It is a very different way of cleansing skin, but if you have congested, acne-prone or even dry skin patches – it really is worth trying. It works particularly well on teenage skin that may be congested.

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