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Artisanal, Epicurean, Euphoric concoctions for the beauty gourmand. Formulas which bring the powerful impact of plants to health, beauty and well-being. No parabens, preservatives, or animal testing! Our products are made with natural oils, herbs, clays, minerals and extracts. Join us as we embark on this journey towards flawless skin.


                                            A one of a kind collection of the ” Finest Facial Organic and Natural Skincare”

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If you feel the need for a massive change, you need to switch to Skinfood Apothecary. People ask me the secret to my supple skin and my wedding glow and I give them Fatima’s number and details. She offers trail packs for you to sample so you don’t splurge necessarily. Her products are all natural….home made…crafted to perfection…suitable for sensitive skin and you will save so muchon ridiculous overpriced skincare that doesn’t even give you a hint of change. I love it so much. My make-up artist noticed such a change in my skin close to the wedding time that she has now opted for Skinfood Apothecary as well. I have used Matis Guinot la Melle…you name it. Nothing holds a candle to Fatima’s range.

House of Colour JHB

Seriously wish Fatima sold these in 5 liter buckets. After 3 years I still can’t get enough!

I’ve been using the products for a week now and I’m in love. My skin feels so much softer and smoother, my make up is looking flawless. And let me not get to that glow! The carrot cream is amazing!

My best friend uses this range and her skin had a total transformation. Her skin is nor flawless and brighter not forgetting the gorgeous glow! Fatima is a genuis in creating such an incredible brand. I can’t wait to try some of her products. I have seen the results in other people so I definitely will be trying out her products.

#Addicted Loving Skinfood Apothecary.

Good morning Fathima. I hope you are well. Firstly I just want to let you know that I am extremely speechless about your products! I’ve used the Body Nectar last night and I’ve already seen a difference! It’s beautiful fragrance. Just a few minute ago I tried the face Gourmage scrub, the smell is amazing and it’s granules left my skin feeling supple and brand new!! Then I used the face cream and was blown away by it’s texture! I felt like a Greek Goddess applying fruity yogurt to my face. I’m obsessed and absolutely pleased. I cannot wait to purchase the entire range!

I have purchased here before, my products are still lasting and theyre absolutely amazing, I love them and in all honestly from all the products I’ve tried NOTHING beats it!

I feel the need to tell you this. I’ve been under a lot of stress over the past week, and my skin broke out so badly, that even my makeup couldn’t cover it. Last night when I got home, I removed all my makeup, cleansed my face with the purifying mud and my sonic cleanser, toned with the tonic and slapped on some good restore balm, this morning… no break outs at all… just one slightly raised and that’s it

BTW…carrot cream is amazing…On my winter skin…I usually really battle all winter, flay and dry

but this year… Nothing! I’ve noticed a massive difference after using them.

I suffer from mild eczema on my face, after using her skin products on a daily basis my skin has changed and nourished so much. From dark under eye patches, uneven skin tone and dry skin, my skin has completely changed! She puts in a lot of effort ad thought into her packaging. Fathima even went the extra mile to send me a free samples to 1st test before making a purchase. She’s also makes these products on her own. They smell amazing ad here packaging come with detailed card for every products, explaining it’s benefits. It’s truly a reflection of who she is…beautiful soul and person all round

Can’t get enough of your products lol… My skin is so awesome now! So gorgeous! Perfection in every tub. Can’t get over the glitter in the body products.

My samples are finished and now I can’t live without them!

Everything tat I used made a difference after using it daily. I’ve never had such amazing results before. The night cream is my absolute favourite, I only use the restore balm on my lips lol and now I also use it on my fiance. Best products ever! My skin even feels refreshed after using the honey melt cleanser.

Perfect! I’m so happy with that. I really commend you on your work. You have created a skin range that is so incredibly amazing…it leaves me in awe. My dry and dull to bright and supple. How I manage to get each bottle perfect is beyond me. You’re astounding. So much for your professional approach and for your little drops of passion that you send through each product. Keep up the fantastic work.

Your products make my life!! Honestly they’re just amazing. They make my skin feel so good, I feel sort of invincible.

I’m so inlove with Luminous…absolutely divine, texture, scent, feel, I love that I need nothing else over or under this serum. It hydrated and calms problematic skin. My skin simply looks healthy.I’ll share more on this after I’ve tried it for a while… I appreciate how broadly carrot creams performs. Love love love that it offers moisturizing and healthy benefits. My chin was so dry and inflamed, and after two days, my skin no longer looked dry. Dryness was replaced by softness! So impressed. Thank you for making such a ovely, effective product.

I’ve just started to use your product and I must say I’m gobsmacked! They’re just amazing, I’ve been using my normal cleanser for years and it never gave me the improvement I needed! Absolutely LOVE your products, they feel and smell great but the result and feeling after usage!!!

Last night I used the gommage the hiney melt as a mask and the super food mask and ten the face elixer and went to bed. This morning alhamdullilah my entire face has cleared up and I have not a single bump or pimple on my skin alhamdullilah. JazakAllah so much for your amazing products Allah has really put shifaa in them may Allah bless you with an abundance of Barakah! Hope to see you soo in sha Allah.

Your brand is one of the few skin care brands that I truts because it actually works. I’ll definitely see you at the dome in sha Allah. I need to stock up some products.

Skin Food Apothecary has been a really good product, I have been using it for a couple of years now and I’ve never looked back. Thank you.

I’m seriously just thankful to see what these products can do I have used almost all Skin Food Apothecary’s products and they all are awesome! I can definitely say I am a regular buyer.

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