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  • The most natural and luxurious way to cleanse your face - a beautiful complex of oils that penetrate the pores deeply to dissolve dirt, makeup and toxin buildup. A cleanser for all skin types, blended with essential oils known for their balancing and restorative properties. The oils therapeutically penetrate deep in to the skin to dissolve and lift dead skin cells, environmental toxins, whilst infusing the skin with much needed nourishment, essential fatty acids, promoting healthy skin cell turnover and sebum regulation.
  • Helps to reduce signs of aging, eliminate sun spots and damage, restore youthful glow, and minimizing existing wrinkles while preventing new wrinkle formation.
  • A therapeutic balm packed full of naturally anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antifungal ingredients. The combined power of healing Argan, Tamanu , Aloe, Hypericum, Centella, Calendula, Comfrey, Yarrow, Tamanu, Tumeric, and Neem oils with Mafura Butter deeply heals, nourishes and softens. This herbal infused creation will "salve" your problems. The herbs and oils in this salve work great on eczema and other skin irritations. Calendula & comfrey are highly regarded for their skin healing and nourishing properties, and have been known to clear up skin irritations and rashes. Organic oils chosen especially for this blend are high in fatty acids that repair and strengthen your skin's protective layer. Apply a generous amount of this balm to anything in need of healing and the results are bound to impress you. suitable for: dry and cracked hands, elbows, heels, skin irritations, minor rashes, sore, sensitive skin. Grazes and skin prone to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, inflamed red eruptions and swellings will benefit from this soothing antiseptic balm as will dry chapped skin. the ritual: massage salve into skin that needs extra love. For best results, use when skin is still damp to help hold in moisture. 50ml *Uncented to avoid further irritation of the skin.
  • Feed you Face!!! An amazing mask superfood mask with indigenous african raw honey, spirulina, seaweed, pumpkin seed, black cumin seed oil and green clay... With a hint of basil and lemongrass. Let the face feel like a breath of fresh air after use! French green clay has amazing absorbent powers ... also known to help revitalize a beautiful complexion and is also amazing at smoothing out fine lines. It is rich in minerals, removing dirt, excess oils and toxins. It absorbs and removes impurities and stimulates blood flow helping to create healthy, glowing skin. Spirulina contains all the essential amino acids for healthy skin. It supplies the skin with a rich source of protein and accelerates the removal of toxins, it also has soothing, anti-inflammatory and balancing effects on the tissue and capillaries. suitable for: All skin types as a deep cleansing treatment, and specially excellent for oily + blemish skin types. the ritual: Apply to dry, cleansed skin. Leave on for 10-15min. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Follow with elixir, balm, or cream.
  • This is a purifying healing mask treatment containing Organic Sulphur to penetrate pores clearing up existing Acne. Effectively treats multiple forms of Acne, such as Inflammatory Acne , Hormonal Acne and Rosacea. Organic Sulphur limits androgen hormones and helps skin become more permeable. This means that toxins leading to blackheads and whiteheads have a better chance of being released. It boosts Collagen which helps reduce scars. It also provides Hydration leaving skin feeling healthy. To Use: Cleanse skin thoroughly before applying. Apply all over face and leave on for 20-30min then remove with water. * Can also be left on overnight for sever acne treatment.